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 Whether you need Criminal Defense in Ardmore, Divorce, Custody in Madill, or DHS defense in Marietta, let Hunnicutt Legal help you through some of life’s most complex and important problems.   Call us Today, let us work with you on legal solutions that matter. CALL US TODAY (580) 319-4950 Tag: attorney Ardmore Ok, Criminal Defense in Madill, Ardmore, Marietta

Criminal Defense

CALL US TODAY (580) 319-4950 Ryan Hunnicutt started at the Ardmore Police Department in 1996.  He worked his way up through the ranks, from patrol, to supervisor, to investigator, SWAT and a host of other duties before leaving to go to Law School.   It was a natural fit to go to work for the District Attorney as a prosecutor.   Ryan Hunnicutt is now putting this unique and valuable experience to work to help you.   No one in the area knows the criminal justice system the way he does.   No one can give you an inside track any better, let Hunnicutt Legal help you with your criminal case today. 


D-I-V-O-R-C-E, is never pleasant.   Even if it is the best option for you and your family, divorce is difficult.   Let Hunnicutt Legal work with you to turn a difficult time into something that has long term positive effects.   Let us help you get through the process and on with rebuilding your life.   Whether it’s a fair division of shared assets, protecting personal assets, or dividing a business, let Hunnicutt Legal help you with your divorce.   CALL US TODAY (580) 319-4950

Child Custody

Child custody involves the most important things in your life, your kids.   Whether you are protecting your children from a poor parent, or asserting your rights against a vindictive ex, Hunnicutt legal will work to get you a custody plan that is best for your kids, your family and for you.   Remember, just because mom and dad don’t get along doesn’t mean you can’t still both be great and involved parents.   Your kids deserve and expect you to fight for what’s in their best interest, let Hunnicutt Legal help you.   CALL US TODAY (580) 319-4950

DHS Defense

Has DHS taken your kids?  Have they gotten you to sign things you didn’t quite understand?   Are you trying to figure out the difference between an ISP and an FCS, did your family team meeting feel like anything but a family or team environment?   DHS serves an important function in society, but dealing with them can be very intimidating, and your rights as a parent may be at stake.   Ryan Hunnicutt prosecuted and represented the state and DHS in both deprived and delinquent cases.  He understands the process and speaks the language.  Let him put this experience to work for you, call Hunnicutt Legal today.  (580) 319-4950

Cost and Fees

Fees and costs are negotiated on a case by case basis.   Hunnicutt legal strives to provide quality legal services at a fair value.   Many times a flat rate can be negotiated based on the complexity of the case.   Other times it makes more sense to be billed hourly.  Let us work with you to come up with a strategy and fee schedule that is fair.   Often times payments can be worked out for long term legal relationships.   Call to set up an appointment and discuss fees today.